Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Soul Knocking Challenge: JIGSAW

We'd like to introduce a new creative venture, the 'Soul Knocking Challenge'. The idea is to give us a way to work on more elaborate creative projects, but with much more time to create. The challenges will come randomly, from whomever of us is inspired to post one. Just like our weekly Soul Knocking topics, the challenges can be anything, but they'd be the kind of project that might take more time to think about or make. We'll take up the challenge as an aside, in addition to our weekly posts. Because we're all busy bees, the time you allow for your challenge should be generous. Should any Soul Knocker be inspired to work on a particular topic or project, please set the challenge for the rest of us whenever an idea comes to you. Remember to give us all plenty of time, as we want to make sure we can fit it in with the other things in our lives. - Shell & Little Fox.

As the first Soul Knocking Challenge, I'll snail mail everyone a blank jigsaw. Decorate to your hearts content, dissemble it then snail mail to your designated Soul Knocker. We'll have 2 months for this challenge, so please finish your creations and send them on their way by 26 May. When you receive the jigsaw in your mailbox, enjoy assembling it, then post a picture of it on Soul Knocking. Make sure you add your jigsaw creator's name in the title of the post.

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