Sunday, April 27, 2008

Autumn - by Deb

A new one i thought i'd upload.. autumn woods..

An early morning walk and wanderings on the tablelands. Afternoon paintings inspired by the Autumn treasures found. I love Autumn :)


Shell said...

Little debb, I love your artwork. I am constantly inspired by your creativity. This collection definitely says autumn to me. Beautiful. I am loving that the topics are still coming, but am going to be slow in posting my next few creative pieces whilst I have a busy month with wedding, thesis, and preparation for the big move. I'll be silent but still participating, and will look forward to getting back into my weekly soul knocking routine asap. Looking forward to the jigsaws too!

mands said...

wow Deb, I love it! Its evidence of our own unique autumn :)

Shell said...

ooh, your new autumn is fabulous too deb! the texture you create in your artwork is wonderful! x :)