Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Deb's fox-doll.. sketchy plans :)

A sketchy idea of my soon-to-be-stitched fox-doll ^^
...birth of a fox :) Pattern all cut out and ready to sew. He's still missing a tail! Still hunting for some 'fluffy white' faux fur to be its bushy end.. am feeling a little guilty about my inclination to buy a cheap snow-white christmas teddy and sacrifice it to the cause.. but where else does one get such luxurious fabrics when in a small country town? ;)


Shell said...

ooh, most exciting little fox! i can't wait to see him in 3d ^_^

Brook said...

wow cool! i'm glad i scrolled down and took a look to see what was going on at soul knocking. :)
if you don't mind sharing, tell us the story behind little fox when you post pics of your fox doll?

Shell said...

deb, i saw a fox when i arrived home late last night! he was downstairs from our apartment building, slinking off towards the fence near our car park. he looked around at me as if i'd disturbed him in the middle of something. it seemed like i blinked and he disappeared. so cool! apparantly there are a lot of urban foxes around london. mark had fall into his backyard from the fence the other week. it was frightened and struggled to get out. soon it's friend fell in too, but was able to scramble out over the fence in a wild clawing gesture. eventually their first fox found his way out up a beam they lent against the fence. he showed me some fantastic photos, the poor fox looked so forlorn and annoyed.