Sunday, September 14, 2008

Old treasure - by Deb

Ventured out westward for fieldwork + adventures with a friend not long ago. Unlocking the door to the field research station opened up a room scattered with all manner of old treasures. A mechanical hand-wound pencil sharpener screwed to the window-sill; an ancient yellowing intercom still wired to the wall; a fading red racing helmet that i'm sure once sped across paddocks and down-backroads safely protecting the head then-nestled inside it..

But of all these once-loved things, my heart belonged most to the 'Davell
Junior' - a minature vintage stove with white enamel and, yes, feet! Silver chome feet at that.. wanted to tuck that little beauty away in my backpack and run off with it.. (luckily i have no space in my little home for it to live, or else i actually might have ;)

1 comment:

Shell said...

oh debb i just love this...what a beauty! i love the sounds of davell and i love your artwork - the texture and flow, it looks like it's alive and roasting! wonderful :)