Monday, October 6, 2008

Having fun - by Shan

Yay! First post!

And, well, it's a bit of a cheat really...this week I've spent much of my time organising surprises for my partner Jeremy's b'day :) & working alot :(, I'm away for the next few days...
So, I thought I would post some photos I took recently in anticipation of not having time to create something new.
I came back from a holiday in PNG a couple of weeks ago, and some of the sweetest memories I have are of the pikininis, and how little they have but how easily they laugh, and have fun.
From bomb-diving into creeks, to walking on coconut shells held to their feet with string, to rolling cans along the ground with a stick, to body-boarding on boards fashioned from wood, they constantly laugh and smile.
And, as soon as you produce a camera, it's all on for young and old, as you will see from my post.
Hope it makes you smile!


Shell said...

these boys are definitely having fun! i love the series of three photos and that you've brought a new medium to soul knocking - expanding our creative horizons. welcome to the blog shan :)

Little Fox said...

mm, me too! love the series of 3 pix and the happiness u'v captured in those beautiful beaming smiles :)