Sunday, November 9, 2008

Animal friends - by Deb

Charlotte, undubious Queen and lady of the manor: Also chaser of ghost mice, eater of moths and perpetual plotter of her escape to the outside world. The first cat i've shared a residence with and a most fascinating companion at that.


Shell said...

it was a treat to meet charlotte last night! she's just like in your portrait, and i love how she's on a grand cushion - kinda suggests she's the boss of the house, which i guess cats usually are!

the.pushka said...

I love her! She's got that 'cattitude' that let's you know that she's doing you a favour by letting you feed her...and that this gorgeous cushion is hers. Not yours. tee hee. I love cats!

Brook said...

i like what you wrote about her just as much as the painting. you can tell she's a character. :)
i can't wait til we can get a cat. i keep telling willow we will as soon as we have a yard and a fence. soon!!