Sunday, November 9, 2008

Animal Friends - by Shan

We used to have guinea pigs living in a cage made out of an old bed that we moved around the back yard. My piggy was called Christina. She would come when I called her.
My brother and I would sit on the grass with our feet together and let her run around in the grass between our legs.


Shell said...

i love the perspective of this pic shan, and christina is so cute! she would have loved to meet our naughty hamster lara! :)

Little Fox said...

my little bro' + i used to do that too! we used to giggle watching them devour long strands of grass, little furry leaf-munching machines ;) Love your experimentation with watercolours, the guinea-pigs-eye view and the way you've captured christina's tufts of fur. Uber-cute! :)