Sunday, November 30, 2008

A line from a song - by Shell

"the money in your pocket can't buy whats in your head"
from 'Living Well', by the Limp Twins
(fantastic album...'Tales from Beyond the Groove' ^_^)


Brook said...

awesome! glad i scrolled down a bit further :)
i love how it's kinda washed out it makes you look really closely at all the detail.

Little Fox said...

love the lines shell, and wonderful ones to choose to inspire an artwork. You've branched out, no longer contained by lines, more fluid and free and unscripted. I love that experimentation in this pic! And the wonderous world you've depicted that lives inside her head. What i like even more is the evidence that her inner world is not hidden, but tangible in the real world (symbolised by the apples tied in her hair). Awesome Shell.