Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shell's favourite artist

'treasure in the grass'
Since my first cut out ('shadows') I've been inspired to explore this medium. I'd seen a couple of artists experimenting with this style, but they seemed to be few and far between. That was until I discovered the delightful store adjoining the Columbia Road Flower Market - 'Ryan Town' - opened by artist Rob Ryan. His art is simply divine! Most impressive were the huge and intricate one-off cut outs framed on his walls...made me gasp with delight! Take a peek on the Ryan Town blog, there are many wild and wonderful prints documented here... ...but you'll have to journey in-store to see the gorgeous cut outs.


Brook said...

fantastique! i'd love to try doing some cut outs now myself, he's amazing, and so is your take. i'd love to see more from you!

mands said...

i really like it too shell... you're a natural at this style :)

the.pushka said...

Agreed, Shell. Love how you can create such amazing images with only positive and negative to tell the story. I'm thinking I'd like to give it a try too!