Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Solitude. By Deb.

This one was inspired by a friend of a friend, as she sunk into the rythm + memories of The Cure in the pre-dawn as time edged us towards the last hour of our house-party. For her music brought solitude, even though we were within each others company - solitude of a different sort. She wasn't being rude. Simply that for a fleeting instant she became immersed in her own inner-world, in a type of pensive reflection of the past..


mands said...

oh wow debb, i only just saw this as i happened to scroll down... i love it! a similar style to some of your other drawings, yet different - a little darker... which suits the topic

Shell said...

this drawing has so much feeling debb. i think you've really captured the moment, her moment. i love the spark of her cigarette and her posture. i also love the colours, that you've created this one on brown paper, and your exploration of pastels/ crayons.

the.pushka said...

Love the flame from her cigarette...and the fact that you've expressed a solitude that isn't when you're necessarily alone. Really nice colours too.