Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Cheer - By Shan

Had a lovely Christmas this year with Jeremy's family - my first spent at the beach!
Woke up and went for a swim with their big tinsel-decorated dog Tura who won't swim but will bark at the water when you're in it...we then ate fantastic food and drank lots of champagne at his parent's fabulous beachy house. Ahh, bliss!


Shell said...

i absolutely adore this pic of yours shan! brilliant! you're really mastering those watercolours. this certainly does sound like a blissful christmas. i must say i did miss going to the beach this year. you should think about making this pic into christmas cards for next year.

Little Fox said...

i love the way you've painted the watercolour waves.. the joy and excitement are livid. What a lovely way to spend your christmas Shan!