Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mandie's line(s) from a song

Gold is the sun
as she wonders where he's gone.
Far away, will they meet again one day?

[Cut Copy - Future]


mands said...

can i just say that this has been my favourite topic so far? i've been traveling so much lately, listening to my ipod - it has made me really listen closely to each song. there is some really amazing lyrics out there and so many that i could have used, but i hope you like what i have chosen :)

Little Fox said...

mands, love this song and think you've beautifully transformed these words into art. Her expression is tinged with a sadness + loneliness, but there's beauty and sweet memories and possibility lingering there in amongst the led pencil lines.

Loved this topic too <3

Shell said...

this is definitely one of my faves of yours mands...all i can say is WOW! Hauntingly beautiful.

Brook said...

gorgeous mands. great lyrics we're all cut copy fans!
you captured it perfectly :)

the.pushka said...

This is beautfiul Mands. Really evocative and captures the lyrics really well. (ps - I'm glad you liked the topic too!)