Sunday, December 14, 2008

a surprise for mandie!

about, oh wow... aaahhh.. 8 years ago (?) my mum organised with my friend claire for the three of us to meet for lunch at the Sheraton (where claire was working at the time).  When i arrived brook came walking towards me...  i stopped still, experiencing a moment of confusion (as she was living in manila at the time), then promptly put my hands to my face and started to cry and laugh all at the same time.  i was so surprised and so happy to see her!  unfortunately i can't quite capture the emotion on paper, but i just had to try because of the feeling that i still get when i think about this moment.  brook, claire and mum have surprised me like this once since then, where i rocked up to claire's to have willow open the door for me!  i so love surprises, especially ones like this :)

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Brook said...

i remember those moments too mands. bring tears to my eyes. oh how i missed you then and oh how i miss you now. i think you have captured it just nicely. that mix between tears and smiling and a little confusion. beautiful. xxx