Sunday, December 21, 2008

Swimming - by Shell

Bird Bath!!
Swimming is magic. It's been some time since I've swished around in cool ocean water and this is definitely something I miss. It was fun reminiscing about swimming and hot days whilst creating this picture, though I wished for a story to go along with it. These birds seem to have each developed characters of their own.
Recently I was given a water colour set and some big pieces of special water colour paper. So for this image I branched out of my little art book and onto beautiful big textured paper.


Little Fox said...

Oh how magic! If only to be one of your marvellously expressive little birds...i fancy myself the one taking the plunge! The colours are alive and the textures you've created in the water and the grass and sky evoke movement and a freedom. I love the originality of leaves tied to the branches and again the 'Dr. Suess-ness' of the string bows, curly diving loop, and curious and wondering eyes of the diver's companions. Would love to have you write a story for this one :)

mands said...

they're really cute shell. you'll have to teach me how to use water colours some day