Sunday, January 25, 2009

Urban Art - by Shell

Inspired by cut out art and a wonderful quote by George Eliot (1819 - 1880) here's a peek at my urban art experiment. I had much fun creating it and am rather inspired to make time for more (thanks little fox!).
With the weather over here rather unpredictable (snow today..woo hoo!), I've decided to laminate it before finding it an urban home. Here's a close-up sneak peek in the meantime. The final cut out has 'george eliot' credited at the bottom of the pic. I'll post more pics soonest... ^_^


Brook said...

Cool! Very Robert Ryan. I sent you his link didn't I? If I haven't check him out. He's in London so you could go see some of his work in galleries there I'm sure!
And what a fantastic quote. I'm going to print this one out and put it up on my new mood board. It doesn't hurt to be reminded to smile! :)

Brook said...

just read that you were inspired by cut out art - so you do know robert ryan... i bought one of his prints for karl. check it out here:
awesome eh?

Brook said...

wow i am a twit ;) it has been a long long time since i've had a chance to look at soul knocking and i just say your rob ryan piece in my favourite artist! you are so good at that style shell :)

Shell said...

yay to rob ryan! i was so excited to find his store on columbia road...awesome! i love your taste brook ^_^ i had a peek at the print you bought for karl and it's just soo sweet, i love it. i hope you've got it framed in a special place somewhere? beautifuL!
big thanks for all the flattery and encouragement too :D

mands said...

i had missed seeing your fave artist're a natural at this. and brook, i love the poster. such beautiful words. my heart would melt if it were given to me... sigh. one day ;)

Little Fox said...

Shell, you rock at cutouts! A definate rival to Robert Ryan i say :) I like the organic shapes and way you've composed the quote, melding into an artwork of its own. I'd be most inspired to read this on a street corner in London-town!