Sunday, January 25, 2009

Urban art

A challenge for you lovely + creative cats this week! The topic is open, create whatever you like.

There be only 3 ground-rules i'd like to set:
1) keep it post-card size
2) make a copy, and stick it up somewhere public (bus-stop, lamp-post, blank wall on a busy street...)
3) take a photo of your art in urbania and post

Go wild with your temporary graffiti if you so feel the urge! You could make many copies, enlarge, stick them up anywhere and everywhere, make a series...Whatever you're wild little hearts desire. I'm perpetually inspired by the artists who chose to share a touch of their imagination with the rest of the world, planting seeds of creativity in passersby, or perhaps sharing a thought or a smile..
This week is a tribute to them.


Shell said...

oooooooooh!! i'm most excited about this creative prospect!

Little Fox said...

yipee!! Me too :)