Sunday, February 8, 2009

Abstract emotions - by Shell

i found this topic really hard. it seems that i'm used to the safety of known or imagined forms. i sat and looked at my blank notebook waiting for an idea of where to begin. finally i decided to try thinking of a situation where i'd felt a strong emotion. i thought if i concentrated on this situation and how it made me feel, then made marks on the paper, i could see what evolved without needing a plan. this is what i ended up with. the basic emotion i felt in the situation i thought about was shame. on looking at this artwork, i'm not sure how representative it is of that emotion? i will say, i was listening to lovely music and feeling very relaxed whilst creating this, so i wonder if that too coloured my creation. maybe it's shame viewed through the lens of comfortable afterthought? either way, thanks for taking me out of my creative comfort zone shan.

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Little Fox said...

I enjoyed reading your relection and musings on this topic shell, and am inspired by the boundlessness of your artwork. The wonderful thing about abstract art, is it means different things to different people. Before i read your comments, what i saw was a feathery outward spiraling of joy. But after you framed it, i could see shame also. The vibrant pink made me think happiness (hence original interpretation). But pink is the cousin of red, symbol of passion and anger, and so the close cousin of shame. What you made me think was that shame is often hidden in other emotions, because it seldom receives a warm welcome when expressed.