Sunday, February 8, 2009

Abstract emotions - By Shan


To me it's a dark, ugly, screwed-up ball that sits anywhere between my chest and the pit of my stomach.


mands said...

Wow Shannon, your image actually gave me a feeling in the pit of my stomach when i saw it... perhaps because i understood it? it's something that is very real for most of us at some point i guess. i hope its not often that this dark ugly ball finds you though!

Little Fox said...

This could easily be in a gallery! I love that you''ve taken a 3D approach, and crafted a visual expression of what anxiety feels like to you. Dark, heavy, jagged. I'm so inspired by your take on this!

Shell said...

i agree with deb, this is such a creative representation of anxiety shan. i love how you've popped off the page to make it 3D. it would definitely be at home in a gallery. i think most people would be able to relate, it's such a natural emotion.