Sunday, February 1, 2009

Playtime - by Deb

Mid last week i was so inspired after watching a documentary on Melbourne artists 'Ghostpatrol' + 'Miso' [check out - oh so magical, provocative and retro/post-modern+cute!]. It threw me back into the style of Miyazaki and anime which to me represents the most livid form of play and expression.

Then i started feeling a touch clone-like, as if copying someone else's style. I began to wonder what my own style was. My 2nd painting is a response to that questioning.

When we were young, my brother and i used to roam the wilds of our semi-urban home-scape. Tadpole catching was an annual delight, and we'd sneak onto a neighbour's property ('the pond people') to collect frog eggs and tadpoles for our makeshift aquariums.

Thanks Brook for the thought-provoking topic.


Shell said...

wow debb, incredible! especially your style pic...i love the colours, the characters, and how she's standing on a giant tadpole!!

mands said...

yep, its really cool. i love that you are often inspired to try new styles - and do so well at them!