Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thanks - by Deb

Lasso's done so much for me, been there through thick and thin, lifted me up when my spirits were down, and celebrated my triumphs when they came my way. Rather than a card, or a drawing, i wanted to thank him with an experience. So i crafted many tasty treats for a shared feast! Wontons, spring rolls, pad-thai, hot garlic-soy asian greens, and chocolate pudding and vegan icecream for dessert! Mmm yum! Candle-lit too. Creating a new memory was a most special way to say thankyou!

~ Thankyou Shellbelle for a most beautiful and thoughtful topic for our week ~

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Shell said...

What a meaningful way to say thank you! I can imagine you had a memorable and devine feast. I can see the love in your picture, and love how you two are feeding each other. Thanks for sharing this Deb x