Sunday, February 15, 2009

There is still so much to see - by Shell

I really enjoyed this topic Mands and the thought that came with it...
My first thought was about the existential anxiety that surrounds death. Which might seem pretty left of field!! Tom's lyrics told me that he doesn't feel he's consummated his life yet and needs more time to do so. Then it was fascinating to watch his film clip and see the symbols of the Mexican day of the dead feature strongly. I'm sure my take on this was influenced by my favourite author, Irvin Yalom. He has written widely on death and death anxiety from both a psychological and a philosophical point of view. It seems like a dark topic but one of his statements captures the blessing that death is for us - 'although the physicality of death destroys man, the idea of death saves him'. It reminds us that all we have is just this moment, the future is uncertain. It reminds us that we need to live a life we value now, to live fully and meaningfully with no regrets... Yalom has taught me that the realisation that time is running out can be a very powerful catalyst for meaningful change and wellspring of courage to create those changes.

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