Sunday, February 15, 2009

there is still so much to see...

i loved the 'line from a song' topic so much that i have decided to go with that theme again... with a twist -  i've chosen the lyrics for us!  i completely love listening to the lyrics of my favourite songs - i find myself thinking how amazing the artists are to write what they do. anyway, i love the lyrics of this song by tom vek (called 'I ain't saying my goodbyes') so much that (a) i wanted to share them with you and (b) i'd like to see what you come up with!  so here they are... (you can hear them at 

There is still so much to see
There is still so much to do
I can't be more than half way through
I know I'm wasting precious time
But I'll take it in my stride
I've got a lot of things to put right

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Little Fox said...

Am excited about wrapping my creative tendrils around this topic! Love the quote, thankyou for making it our topic ^^ Something up from me soon :)