Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kids book character - by Deb

There once was a girl,
they nicknamed her Moon.
Her smile bright as bright;
she hummed her own tune.

When her Ma & Pa kissed her,
hugged her goodnight,
pulled up the blankets,
tucked her in snug and tight..

[..and checked all was right,
before switching the light..]

Little did they know,
she'd not long stay 'in bed'..

She'd be off playing with Monsters,
in the dreams in her head..


mands said...

Deb that is too cool :)

the.pushka said...

She's gorgeous! So mischevious - I can imagine glimpsing her as she bounds along the rooftops in the moonlight & hear her cheeky little giggle!

Brook said...

wicked! i want to see more!! when does the book come out? ;)

Shell said...

i would definitely buy the book!! too cool indeed. love her and her happy, cheeky mischief!