Sunday, March 15, 2009

Food, glorious food - by Brook

For Summer's first birthday I made a Willow friendly cake (dairy free) and it was absolutely delish! It was just as good as a cake with butter and milk. It was light and moist. It was my first foray into decorating as I've always just bought a cake for the other kids, but now we have a big beautiful kitchen that just begs to be used! I made little dots with icing and scant drops of colouring the day before and added them to the cake just before we served it. I'm very proud of it, it was a very pretty cake! 
If anyone wants the recipe just let me know :)


Shell said...

i'm so glad i scrolled down! i love the spots and how you've introduced a new medium to SK. it looks delish, i bet it was a hit at the party!

Little Fox said...

Mmm yum! What a delicious looking cake! And so creatively decorated. Makes me want to get creative with cake too!