Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quote of the moment - by Shell

This idea started to form as soon as I read this quote. I love it. I had made lots of cut outs to give away and wanted one for our wall. So this is it. It's the biggest cutout I've made so far and soon will be on the wall above our dining table.


Brook said...

Wow! I'd want that on my wall too :)
You are just getting better and better at cut outs Shell. I have been inspired and have been working on one for the quote topic too. Hopefully it turns out as lovely as yours.
Love the quote too, and the little critter in amongst the roots. Such attention to detail.

Shan said...

Wow, wow, wow, Shell.
This is truly amazing...such detail and such a lovely quote.

Little Fox said...

oh shell, this is pure magic. I'm swpet away in the beauty of its intricacy, the humility of the quote and the warmth and uniqueness in the way you've chosen to creatively express it. I'm especially delighted tby the owls in the hollow, and the little creature hiding in its burrow amongst the roots. Splendid.

Shell said...

thanks so much guys, you are so encouraging! i'm really enjoying this medium. i've got another in my head waiting to be cut out. i was also treated to a very swish scalpel set for my birthday..woo hoo! before i was using the blade from a stanley knife, with no holder. it wasn't that nice on my fingers; my index finger would get all scratched after a while. gone are those days...woo hoo! anyway, thanks for your lovely words, you all really make me smile ^_^

mands said...

shell, its beautiful. everyone is right - this medium suits you and they're just getting better and better! x