Sunday, May 3, 2009

Family Tree - by Shell

This was my present to Luke to celebrate our first anniversary, in honour of the new family tree we planted with our love and marriage.


Little Fox said...

I'm absolutely loving your experiment with patterned backgrounds! Makes me feel i'm beneath cool shady trees on a hot summer afternoon, the light dappled through the canopy. I can see you and Luke planting your mango tree in this one, growing a future together. It's gorgeous Shell. I especially admire the patterning and the detailing on the trees, its variety, and the intricacy of the flowers beneath, contrasting with the silhouettes of the two people. Its magic Shell, and equally so being able to see your cutout skill and own unique style evolve and emerge.

mands said...

i love it shell... and what a beautiful present for luke. i bet one of his big grins came over him and his heart almost burst with his love for you x

Brook said...

Your paper cuts are really evolving Shell, they were fantastic to start with and now they are even better. And what an amazing gift to give the one you love.