Sunday, August 16, 2009

Courage - by Shell


Little Fox said...

Professional artists often create many versions of a scene using the same elements, whilst experimenting with composition. I think its something that takes patience, passion and extraordinary creativity. I'm loving that you've chosen to put the same characters into another artwork: they're no longer a snapshot in my mind, but instead i see the beginnings of their story. I can see the evolution of a uniquely 'Shell' style and its so special to witness that. An inspiring way to represent courage.

ps - i'm in love with your stripey creature on the back of the bike. So cute!! ^_^

Janicemae said...

Hi Shell,

Love your blog and your theme. You are lucky to have friends like that. I am always in awe of people performing different acts of courage everyday - that is: Doing something you are scared of doing but does it anyway. I will be your constant visitor. Janice Mae

Shell said...

Thank you so much Janicemae, I'm so honoured and pleased that you visited our site! Thank you for your kind comments too. We're in the process of a few changes so do come back and let us what you think. I am working on my first set of paper beads. I decided to try out newspaper and see what they look like. I'm planning on sharing them on the blog and putting a link to your tutorial if that's okay? ^_^