Sunday, August 2, 2009

DIY Decorations by Shan

Re-using cans and little jars to create gorgeous candle holders. I imagined that these would look great hanging in a tree, all warm and glowing.


Shell said...

Shan, these are absolutely incredible! I am blown away by the beauty of your photos! I also really love your idea, they look gorgeous and I can just see them dangling all around a garden creating dancing light perfect for a romantic celebration...BeautifuL!

wolfy said...

the photos are capturing so much more than these beautiful works of art, they are alive and alluring somehow!

Little Fox said...

I feel so inspired!! You're photo's capture a glow and warmth, something magical. You've certainly got a talent behind a lens! Am in love with the idea too, i can imagine them strung in trees for a garden party, or a romantic moonlight picnic. The swirls and patterns of holes make them even more enchanting.

A question for you.. (as i'd love to try making some myself!) Did you make the holes with a drill or something else?

Shan said...

Thankyou my lovelies! :)
The best way I found to make these was to draw the design on the outside of the can. Fill it with water (leaving a bit of a gap at the top) then freeze it.
I used a nail punch bought from bunnings, but it ocurred to me a little later, that a sharp nail would do the trick too - and simply tapped the holes in with a hammer. If you get too close to the top of the can you may chip away at the ice, so I'd suggest starting there and working towards the bottom. Tap a couple of bigger holes and tie with string (slightly more flammable version) or with some thin wire. pop in a candle and - voila! instant ambience! Have fun!

Little Fox said...

Can't wait to try, thanks for the insiders tips!