Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pick a Card - by Deb

I don't know much about fortune-telling cards, so i decided to make my own. This one was inspired by the pidgeons of Europe. I found the quote in a book on Chaos theory that i bought from a 2nd hand bookstore not long ago, and liked it because it mirrors time and change. I also like the idea that the card would mean different things to people at different times.


Shell said...

i really really like your pigeons deb. they are the great travellers of europe aren't they? they speckle every square and city building, gently cooing and pecking for crumbs. i'd like to see the rest of your deck of cards one day. perhaps a grander project to add to the list for a rainy day? x

wolfy said...

oooohhhhhh yes thats wot the pigeons mean indeed. My card is an unfinished painting that still is in progress........ The water colors u used are so the color of real birds! Beautiful pigeons1!!!!