Sunday, October 18, 2009

Album cover - by Deb

From the moment i heard it, i fell in love with the Fleet Foxes' 'Tiger mountain pesant song', with its hauntingly beautiful, moving melody and ability to take me into another world. I found it challenging to do the Fleet Foxes justice when it came to designing an album cover! Although i really enjoyed thinking over and creating this one, i know i would do it differently the second time around. Its always amusing how creative ideas evolve and branch out on tangets, as if they're never completely satisfied with 'completion', but rather keep pushing for more in all forms possible.
If you've not heard the Fleet Foxes, this song is a wonderful intro' to their unique style:


wolfy said...
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wolfy said...

Oh i immediately wanna check out the song/inspiration for this awesome album cover, it is both intriguing and mysterious and definantly folksy, the colors also create mystery....amazing!