Sunday, October 25, 2009

I am who i am because of...the LUCK DRAGON - by Deb

Some friends of ours found a white wolf abandoned at a rest spot along the highway. We nicknamed him the Luck Dragon (because when he streches out, he looks like the dragon out of the Never Ending Story). We took him in, hoping to find his owners or a new home. Sad news this morn, to find he wasn't microchipped, so there's little hope of contacting his family. An angel in disguise, though, is sure to find a home. He's so well trained, he was obviously once much loved. So this morn, we begin the search for a new family for him.
* * *
The Luck Dragon LOVES a good belly rub. My pic' is one of all the hands who have helped him thus far in his travels, spoiling him with belly-rubs all round. Its amazing how little events or experiences can drop into your life like this, and although small, together all weave into a tapestry which shapes us.
* * *
From the Luck Dragon i have learnt that the art of feeling comfortable and at home wherever one roams, is a very special talent to have.


Shell said...

you so inspire me deb! how lucky you were to meet the luck dragon, and how lucky he was to meet you. i was very touched by your reflections on his journey and the lessons he's shared with you on his visit.

wolfy said...

and wot a lucky aptly named wolfy this is! I have had starla go wandering before and a good name tag and secure collar does wonders. I had friends who found a microchipped dog and it didnt work... Luckily the owner responded to their notices. I myself would not like to be microchipped, it interferes with the electromagnetic field of the body, And hasnt been around long enough to demonstrate what it does long term to animals.... anyway your pic is so sweet and i hope the dragon continues in his lucky adventures xoxoox ps .i especially lov the textured lines surrounding him!