Sunday, August 30, 2009

collage -by wolfy

i did this one at work, who says there's not enough time for art, i used some flyers i picked up and a stray paper bag, fingers crossed my scanner works!


Shell said...

yay! welcome wolfy ^_^
how cool you can fit in art at work. i may get a doodle on a page whilst on the phone. i really like this collage, especially how you've left the jagged side of the paper bag at the bottom, the leafy shapes of various shades of green growing up from the crecent moon, and the giant umbrella of mushrooms growing above. it's all so mystical, you can tell magic is in the air.

Little Fox said...

a BIG welcome from me too! So so inspiring to have your artistic stylings grace SoulKnocking wolfy. I love the way the little green and blue droplets and leaf shapes spire up from the cresent moon, as if growing but both ways instead of just up. I love how you've used things found and collected during your day, breathing new life into them to craft a magic scene. It makes me think of fairytales.

Little Fox said...

i can imagine he's a spirit of the forest