Sunday, October 4, 2009

summer of my childhood-wolfy

This pic began in biro at work shell and i have swapped bodies cos the hair got too dark on the left girl which has shells childhood fringe. the lake in which we sailed deb's blow up pool we would float for hours going on adventures. deb is with the sand dripped castle... the skull was a horse skull on the steps dad built. those steps were magical and i would talk to the palm tree above them......times and bodies and places seem to overlay in this drawing.


Shell said...

oh my talented sista, this is just divine. i absolutely love it. it was a magical place to grow. i so remember being scared of walking past that skull, i'd run up those couple of steps, especially if alone. i do remember with delight floating around and exploring in deb's pool. so much fun all together! i'd really love a colour photocopy of this one to frame if possible wolfy? perhaps a christmas treat? xox

ps. add your name as a label for your posts. then when we want to look at all your gorgeous artworks we can click on 'wolfy' in the list of labels and revisit and relish in them all over again :)

Shell said...

ooh, i was just gazing at your pic and admiring it some more and i noticed our gold bangles. i remembered that we each had a gold bangle to wear when we were little. maybe nanna gave them to us? eventually we grew so much that they had to be cut off our arms by dad's pliers! thanks for the lovely memory wolfish x

Little Fox said...

from the way the rays of sun reflect into myriad rainbows in the lake water, to the way your and shell's bodies are immersed in watery blue..such wonderful detail. It seems like the outer memories wrap the inner one in a welcoming cocoon, all layered and intertwined, yet discrete. I really admire this one wolfy, your style is devine.

I remember the gold bangles too! I did a back-flip off the monkey bars at Terranora primary and broke my arm. I didn't want to tell, because the teachers were already threatening to take the monkey bars away, and they were such fun! But when i came home it was obvious, my arm was all puffed up! Dad wasn't home, so mum had to call the next door neighbour to cut my bangle off! I was so sad, i loved that bangle. I still have the two halves.

mands said...

i love this - at time you girls have such a similar style. it must a burgis thing ;)