Sunday, November 1, 2009

'fancy frocks'-cherry poppins-wolfy

this an outfit i have designed for cherry poppins, a roving charactor who sells cherry pop to people at festivals. This suits me one day when i have a travelling lifestyle again, it can be my cash cow, my way of making herbal exstacy available to the folks who usually drink or do other things to stay vibrant at big events! The shoes are a bit excessive though! i would leave them in the fancy frocks catagory and wear more comfy festival friendly shoes!


Little Fox said...

You're fancy frock is fabulous wolfy! I especially admire her skirt, the flowers and layers of lace, and her scaly stockings and suspenders! What a wonderful 'brolly to keep rain drops at bay, too! Please post photos if you do make it, would be amazing to see!

Shell said...

yes, she's incredible wolf! i too like her scaly stockings and suspenders, they'd be so fun to make and wear! her hair is fabulous too and i like how she doesn't have to hold her brolly - it's included in her outfit so her hands are free to sell her wares. i wonder what the single drop of water symbolises?