Sunday, November 1, 2009

Francy Frocks - by Deb

Whilst journeying through Europe with my lovely family last Nov/Dec, i had great ambitions of indulging in abundant creativity and keeping a sketch journal as we went. I soon realised my families style of travel is not compatible with sketching! Every day is overflowing with adventure, roaming, new places and new experiences. In the rare moment of stillness and non-motion, i managed to sneek in this sketch of a fancy frock.

I love returning to old sketches and glamming them up with colour! Still a little more detail and background to accompany her in her fancy frock. **Keep watching this space!^^**


wolfy said...

ooooooohhhhhh! i can see this frock really is fancy!!!!!! Yes the family style of travel is a bit chaotic to say the least! There is always the plane and train journeys and mealtimes i guess :) Cant wait to see in colour! lov yr ghosts sketches x

Shell said...

yep, this is surely a fancy frock! i can see her in the 1600s attending a fancy ball, perhaps she's running a little late and trying to get there quickly, or maybe it's the end of the eve and she's let her shoes go and is finding her way back to her carriage barefoot. she's gorgeous debb and i look forward to seeing more colour in the background too. i too have grand plans of things to do whilst we travel (books to read, time to reflect in my journal, sketches and paintings to create from the inspiration of the journey) but 'tis so hard with our family's chronic busy-ness whilst travelling! we're lucky to get in a full nights sleep let alone other indulgences! xox