Sunday, November 22, 2009

Joy - by Deb

Thinking back to days of ol', when i was a young thing and free to roam and adventure with friends in the afternoons, so many sweet memories come flooding back. My childhood bestfriend had a pool. In summer we would splash and swim. We'd ride the pool ponies and giggle as we spun about in cute inflatable rings with heads on them, whiling away the summer heat. Christmas was the best, for there were always new toys to play with. I love the smell of inflatable pool toys, because it reminds me of these memories, and beach and our own little pool and our young family. Joy.


wolfy said...

You all are drawn so delectably childlike with chubby cheeks, i always seem to draw children like little adults. Such fun it was swimming in that above ground pool we had. we used to make whirlpools, and it was the best way to spend summer!

Little Fox said...

Wasn't it ever!! And catch giant water-bugs with pincers, by their tails, remember them? ^^

Shell said...

pure joy! what a delight deb! wolf's right, you do draw children so well. i too find it really hard to change the proportions from adult ones i usually draw. 'twas such fun swimming in our pool, i loved those whirlpools and remember catching waterbugs. Those giant ones were always a great find - we would keep them as pets sometimes, i remember naming one once. They looked so scary and strange, but they didn't hurt us. Remember diving for the sink-rings, and those egg-flip-things that you blew whilst you swam along behind them? what fun memories!! x :D