Sunday, November 29, 2009

Paintbrush - by Debb

A homage to collage - my recently discovered pet medium of the moment.
I love that one can be rough and raw, or neat and elegant with it depending on mood and inspiration. I love the idea of using things found, recycled, hoarded or treasured. I love the detail, the textures, the patterns of old paper and fabric. And sponteneity, how could i not love that element within collage too.
Enjoy :)


wolfy said...

i like the dottiness and peacocks are a facinating bird! this one must have taken some time, i can spy much fine detail! did you use a hole punch to create those dots

Little Fox said...

Mmmm, detail, detail i love! I've spread myself out on mum and dad's living room floor, my artspace consuming half the carpet the past week or so. I've been indulging in little dashes and forages into creativity between thesis writing. Such a luxury. So yes, my peacock has been spoilt with much attention ^^ A whole wk of it! The background spots are actually daubs of silver paint, but about the size of hole-punch holes. I like the idea tho', i'll keep it in mind for future collage! They're on a dotti black fabric i unearthed in the sewing room. Such finds in that place!

mands said...

i love this one too! am loving your new found love of collage... maybe its time for me to start getting creative once more :)