Sunday, December 13, 2009

Anatomy (of wild dogs) - by Debb

There's something about African wild dogs thats caught my curiousity for a while, but i can't quite put my finger on what. I saw them at the zoo a few months ago, so lively and mischevious - they've been floating about in my imagination since. Yet, i was still most surprised when they asked to be put on paper.
Curious ^^

I love collage as a medium. I'm usually an addict to detail and have a reasonable idea of what i'm creating when i put pen to paper. But with collage, layers and textures take over and i'm constantly amused by what takes shape. Its almost always what i least expected and what i'd likely not have planned myself. Its like i'm working side-by-side with another artist. And then magically, the detail emerges at the last moment. I wonder if you've experienced the same or if you feel differently? Either way, collage is fun fun fun! Definately try it!


wolfy said...

i feel the same about collage, its evolving in a way where u are surprised at the finished picture, i think these colors capture the wildness of these dogs , i have always loved the use of words in collage and pictures, like a kind of living poetry

Little Fox said...

thanku for sharing wolfy, so interesting to hear collage makes you feel the same. I love the concept of living poetry too. it was such a delight choosing words from old mags and newspapers and letting them arrange themselves as they pleased. Amusing some of the phrases that evolved!

Shell said...

wow. collage really suits your style deb! i am taken aback by the vibrance of your colours, they're very reminicient of wild dogs on the savannahs of africa. loving your words too. adds a whole other dimension to the pic.