Monday, June 21, 2010


To be honest, I'm not entirely sure where my life long love affair with books originated from. Neither of my parents read much themselves. Perhaps it was siblings? Or a love for stories? Possibly both. I count my self super-lucky to work part-time in a bookstore at the moment. Brilliant way for a bookworm to earn her crust. This girl has been in my mind a while, 'asking to be drawn'. Below is my workspace; my living room floor with the mandatory mug of earl grey.

My creative workspaces tend to be transient. I often find myself drawing or painting on scraps of paper or individual sheets. Despite my best efforts, i seem not to be able to consistently keep a sketchbook. I've given in to habit and happily keep a folder instead, for it better meets my moody choice of mediums. I wonder what your workspace looks like?


Shell said...

she's so pensive, and that big stack of books waiting to be read! bliss. i too love books. i wonder if it comes from being read to when we were little? did that happen as much for you? when i was very small dad would often read us a bedtime story, or tell us one from his amazing imagination (each night we had another installment - i still remember the adventures!). we always had lots of books at home too, and all had out noses in them as often as possible.

wolfy said...

yes i was a serious bookworm in grade 4-8 at school, i still love a good read but dont always make the time... a good thing to do on public transport, i like her comfy dress and bare feet. she is carefree and comfy while reading.

janicemae said...

I was first introduced to reading books when I take summer vacations at my grandfather's house. He had a library at the basement with books covered in dust, and tons of Reader's Digest - love Laughter is the Best Medicine.