Monday, June 21, 2010

Knitted cuteness (toys!)

I've been a clicking-and-a-clacking my knitting needles recently after a long hiatus from balls of string and the knitting-itch. I bought the book 'Itty Bitty Toys' (working at a bookstore with 20% discount was incentive enough...not that i needed much incentive). I've knitted a few balls. Great practice for knitting in the round with 4 needles. (We now have a bunch of 'hacky-sacks' lolling about our place, waiting to be kicked and thrown. Dangerous actually). I pretty soon decided it was time to graduate to more complex stuff. Specifically, a toy rabbit. So yeah, i'm knitting a rabbit. Neat huh?
Will post pics as i complete body parts and attach them to the body (the beige football like object in the photo above)...stay tuned to watch the transformation from franken-rabbit to cute-as-cute bunny~!
xo Deb

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Shell said...

ooh! you are so clever! i can't wait to see bunny emerge! and give us some pics of your hacky sacks? x