Monday, August 9, 2010

Rug Design

Hi girls!

I just thought I'd share what I've been up to lately...
As you know I'm doing my foundation course in colour and design... I recently completed a rug brief, for a company called Designer Rugs. Basically we just had to submit a design that fit within a rectangular format (we had exact dimensions) and we could use 3 or 4 colours max. There were no other perameters... which meant we could do what we wanted!

So here's what I submitted. I had recently attended a workshop and we'd discussed design trends and I focussed on the handmade trend (because its my fav) and femine colours. Hence, my doily design. I've attached another colourway that I thought looked great too. Hope you like it! You can see it online and a couple of the other entries here:

It has been great going back and seeing what you girls have been up to. And amazing to see the progression since our blog began. Inspiring stuff. :)

And I look forward to contributing work again - although it will mostly be what I do for my course. It's all I have time for these days!

Take care,
Brook x


Shell said...

great to see what you've been up to brook. keep the posts coming!
i love your rug design, did you cut out the doily yourself or design it on computer? also, i see you were awarded a highly commended award for your rug! nice one! does that mean it's going to be made into a rug? that would be awesome...

Brook said...

Thanks Shell :)
I photocopied a doily, blew it up and then did a cut out.
It may be made into a rug - there's another round of submissions in October, so I get to enter 3 more designs so if only this one stays in I'll be up against 5 other entries or if I get another design in I'll be up against 4 or even less!
Very exciting. :)

Little Fox said...

I agree with Shell, lovely to see what you've been getting creative with lately. Am loving your rug designs, especially the black and white one. I hope you get to have it made, and i'd love to see pix of it if you do!