Sunday, August 22, 2010

Umbrella stroll

A weekend experiment with collage. Materials used came from our paper recycling box (a rich treasure trove, i'm always astonished by the textures, patterns and colours I dig up there).
(NB: I used photobucket to save my image then the URL option to upload into Blogger - allows for more flexibility controlling image sizes)


Shell said...

debb this is splendid! i especially love her pose and how lifelike she seems, though she is made of paper. your collage style is evolving wonderfully. i too am amazed at what you uncover in your recycling box!

wolfy said...

i think she looks like you or nan in another incarnation, for some reason there is such a familiarity! i love the recycled paper and how ppl in india and asia and russia make full use of recycled things, in the most amazing creative inspiring ways, i love the colours and the clothes shes wearing and use of mediums