Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Garden - by Debb

A garden wild and weedy grew below our flat. Mostly grass and the rest bare earth, it was a sad scrawny patch hungry for love. So love we gave. We've changed it into a native flower rockery. Such a delight to walk past now, seeing the local bees and bugs sip at the buds and buzz contentedly. They're not the only ones contented. I felt such connectedness playing about in the soil and surprised to see so many critters still living in such a barren place.

Thought i'd share a few pix of our new flowers. I love the variety, colours, patterns and textures of each. Perhaps inspiration for future soulknockings. Is there a garden in your 'hood that could do with some creative sprucing? ^^


Shell said...

beautiful! and a nice follow on from the sad destruction that prompted your joy of nature cake. flowers are so inspiring! and these photos are lovely. i have always loved botanical art, especially those intricate watercolours. makes me want to try my hand at one when i get a chance.

wolfy said...

Yeh, wot shell said, and creativity is the best response to any difficult situation ....just look at the blossoms!

Little Fox said...

oooh, i'd like to try some detailed botanical art one day too. Its too true, creativity is the perfect soul healer!