Friday, September 10, 2010

Rabbit Scan

A while ago I mentioned I was knitting a rabbit ^^ No time to photograph him this morn, so straight onto the scanner he went. I love the effect, surrounded by shadow and receding into black. Still missing legs. The other arm is on the knitting needles. Ah, such fun! I do love to knit!


Shell said...

wow, i really like this effect too. most impressive debski and liking seeing him as he evolves.

wolfy said...

Wow i always found knitting quite hard! wot an impressive bunny!

Little Fox said...

thanku u two! mmm, knitting does take a lot of patience. But i'm utterly taken by the concept of spinning a single strand into a magical piece of knitted fabric, or better still a toy or jumper. I love that before it is even given a home, such a creation has a story, a weaving, of its own.