Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn (the evolution of...)

Another image still under the knife! Autumn is here in our northern hemisphere, cooling our air, colouring our trees, and prompting a flurry of animal activity in preparation for the cold snap of winter. We have layered an extra blanket on our bed and donned our scarves. 'Tis gorgeous seeing the trees turn, especially along the tree-lined villiage roads a way out of the city. So this wonderful change inspired my latest cut out. I drew in quite a bit of detail for this one, so it's taking me many hours to cut away. A lesson in patience. Still, I thought I'd share my journey with you all. Watch this space as Autumn continues to evolve... x


Little Fox said...

Impressive detail my sista! Thanku for sharing, so inspiring. I'll be watching keenly to see how the intricacy evolves with the autumn. The lace of leaves on the hillside is phenomenal - such detail is surely one of your signatures! And yes, cutouts do take patience, yet with it comes a deep satisfaction of wittnessing the creation come to life, like a puzzle in reverse.

Shell said...

thanks debski and yep, definitely a deep sense of satisfaction as the creation evolves. i felt such a buzz as i lifted the last little paper piece off the page!

wolfy said...

amazing process shell! just like autum, leaf by leaf, so symbolic! and left with a little pile, it wld be fun to rake them with a minature rake afterwards, and make it into a little animation from beginning to end time lapse, like debs video collage!