Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lino Printing - by Debb

I've just this week started a lino print-making course of an evening at our local art gallery. I'm loving it! This is my first ever lino tile carving. I'm yet to make my first print. Watch this space, I'll be uploading it next week!


Shell said...

awesome! it makes me think of japanese wall hangings printed on cloth. i made a lino cut once, in school. i think mine was van gogh inspired...have to hunt for it next time i'm at mum n dads! i look forward to seeing your print x

wolfy said...

lino is fun to carve, but i have always been unsure when i print it ;of the result, its never turned out how i think it would! cant wait to c yours!

Little Fox said...

Thanku lovely sistas ^^ My prints are drying on the paint rack, one more colour to go, so maybe next week I can upload one! I'd love to see your old print shell. And it took me an eon to get my mind around how the colours/printing would work. I still get confused, and i was quite surprised to see my print turn out differently than i imagined. Its fascinating seeing them evolve.