Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shell's happy memory

When we were really small we lived just north of Sydney on the edge of a lake. It was lots of fun climbing down the stairs to the little path along the edge of the lake and jumping in for a swim. Big pelicans would fly up above, and sometimes we'd take our foam surfboard out onto the jetty and use it as a diving board. One of us (usually me) would sit on the jetty end of the board, whilst the other ran to the end and jumped into the water. Other times we'd put Deb's blow up swimming pool into the lake and use it as a boat. Such fun! My big sister Melwolf was a much better and braver swimmer than me. She taught me to hold my breath and swim under water.


mands said...

shell it's awesome! you're really mastering that style of yours :)

the.pushka said...

So cute! Love the togs and the 'about to burst from holding my breath too long' expression! And MelWolf's gorgeous green eyes!

Brook said...

that's awesome shell - it looks like an illustration from a kids book... if you ever give up being Dr Shell... ;)