Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shan's happy memory

I spent many fun-filled hours of my childhood skating around the block with the rest of the kids in my street. Some nights, my brother and I would skate up to the top of the street to meet my mum on her scooter on her way home from work. She would let us hold onto the back of the scooter while she zoomed around the block - weeeeeeeeee!
My family wasn't very wealthy, so I had a pair of skates that were extendable, and worn with a pair of sneakers - they lasted me years!
(Boy, how I coveted my neighbour's sleek white skating boots though!)


mands said...

cool! i always wanted to be able to roller skate - but i was terrible!

Brook said...

great pic! we never even had our own roller skates, did we mands? so we're jealous of your extendable ones :)

Little Fox said...

awesome, love your style shan! And they look like such marvellous fun :)

Shell said...

yep, i love your style too. gorgeous artwork shan! your mum was so cool to let you guys zoom along on the back of her scooter - what fun! yeeee! :)