Sunday, January 18, 2009

Deb's Journey

Going on a journey...

[On reflection, i've decided this pic' is not at all representative of a journey, nor my journey. I'd like to paint it again. Its missing so much. People, great and wonderful minds, friendship, family, a past full of experiences, connectivity... No persons' road is an empty path. Limits on time curbed me drawing in all these important details. Perhaps, i'd like to suggest looking at this pic' to be an imaginative exercise - rather than tell you what to see, i'll ask you to imagine all the wonders that could fill the 'open spaces'..]

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Shell said...

your painting has a medieval feel i think debb. 'journey' definitely evokes an image of a path for me too, and there's always unexpected twists and turns in store. i love how it made you reflect on your journey, and that you came to the conclusion that this is actually quite a different path to yours, richly filled with people and memories and activities x