Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Recent linoprints - by Debb

I'm delighted to say i've completed my first print run of my linocut tree, which I've titled 'On a journey' (because the print-making process has indeed been a journey of discovery and understanding, and because I wouldn't mind being on a fantastical journey and happening to wander past this tree - one of the ladies in my class said it looks so lively, like its dancing). Of many prints, only 2 turned out! This is the 2nd best. The other is waiting to be hung in the gallery foyer for our class exhibition (Next week - most exciting!).

I carved out and printed up this second little black and white number today too, 'Book Girl'. I'll be in-filling with watercolours to brighten it up. After last week's attempts to print my burning thoughts sketch, with not much success (too detailed), i've relegated that one to the 'maybe someday' pile.

I'm loving my foray into print-making thus far + would recommend it to anyone who's up for a bit of creative experimentation!


Little Fox said...

ps - the final inking in my journey tree pic is a deep midnight blue, not black, but my scanner didn't quite do it justice!

belinda suzette said...

i love the elements of chance and accident that marry process and skill in printmaking.
agreed: beautiful and lively tree!

Shell said...

little fox, just a quick comment for! i am in love with book girl. x